How much better can it get than playing with fiber after being inspired by nature?

I get to create, play with color, and handle beautiful fiber, yarn, and textiles.

An avid knitter for a couple of decades, I followed the usual route to creating my own yarns via spinning, dyeing, and fiber preparation and then fell into the rabbit hole that is weaving. Of course, being part of a community of fiber enthusiasts is a tremendous catalyst. I am a member of Foothill Fibers Guild and the Association of Northwest Weavers Guilds. For many years I have attended conferences and classes in knitting, spinning, fiber preparation, and weaving and I have had the good fortune to attend classes at The Weavers School.  When possible, I help organize fiber arts learning opportunities associated with my local guild. I will keep on learning as long as I breathe.

I’m fortunate to have mostly retired from over 40 years in healthcare so that I can pursue my passion in the fiber arts. And I am most fortunate to have the love, support, and enabling of my partner, Michael.

To my work with fiber I bring my passion for nature, playing with color, peace on earth and within, and teaching. My mission is to create beauty, contribute to peace on earth by cultivating peace within, and to teach what I continue to learn while helping to build community for those interested in the fiber arts.

My two children have fully fledged from the nest, my grandson lives on the other coast, and my first two careers in healthcare are mostly behind me.  Our home is now filled with fiber equipment and supplies and my enabling partner knows how to find me in the rabbit hole when needed.


When not weaving, spinning, preparing fiber, or knitting, I love to spend time with my family and to spend time in nature, most often gardening and hiking. I also enjoy photographing nature. Photos on this website were taken by me with the exception of the photos of me, which were taken by Michael.

I fell in love with the Sierra Nevada in my early 20s and after two decades in San Francisco, I moved to the foothills of the Sierra almost 20 years ago. Visits to the Pacific Northwest happen as often as possible.

You can find me on          as diag